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About Dave Darby

Husband, Father of 5, Social Entrepreneur/Mentor, Anthropologist, Angel Investor, Speaker, Author and Photographer helping people find their significance and live their dreams – usually by waking them up.

I see pathways where others see obstacles. I love to learn and to teach. You’ll find that I work hard and play harder. I have sung for pay but never for dinner and I never ever turn away someone who sincerely asks for help. It is not my place to judge their need. I care a lot about causes like domestic abuse, poverty and education. I have fears but I’m never afraid.

If you are conventional and like to be told what to think and do, you won’t like me very much.


My wife and I will be celebrating 19 years in December 2014 which is a pretty special accomplishment in my family. Julie and I sought out many great mentors who helped us to build something enduring.


Julie and I are parents to five children whose blend of personalities and energies give us much to enjoy and celebrate. That is pretty crazy with Julie being an only child and me with 5 splintered siblings growing up.


One of my great pleasures in life is giving back to others and helping to light the path for people who want to change their destiny. I am where I am today because of mentoring.

Social Entrepreneur

My studies in college were centered around social sciences (sociology, psychology and economics) and today, I spend my life there educating, creating structures and giving back personally, with my family and through my business, LifeMAPP.


I love speaking to crowds, but I don’t just love to hear myself talk. Instead I thrive on interaction both during, between and after sessions. I always spend time hanging out to hear how people are impacted and energized to start applying new lessons.


One of my first loves, photography started out as an escape from my father’s depression and neediness – into my darkroom in the 1980s. I love digital photography even more and now, I share it with my kids which is great fun.


While I am naturally charismatic and extroverted about my passions, I learned several years ago that my energy somehow still came through in my writings, including this blog which once attracted 30,000 visitors/month. Now, I am turning that energy and experiences into books.


The only thing I love more than helping individuals and families succeed is helping businesses and communities grow and succeed. In addition to mentoring and consulting with businesses, I love to invest in great socially-aware people with great socially-aware business plans.


Tennis is probably now my greatest athletic passion. I’ve grown to a USTA 4-4.5 level over the past 6 years of playing with a regular group of competitive guys in doubles despite some surgeries/setbacks.


My writing is usually a humorous outlook on life and experiences that many of us share. I also love to tell stories through photography and travels and I make some of that work available for a modest cost. Enjoy and please let me feedback about what you like. Encourage me – it’s good for your soul and mine as well!

Dave is available for speaking engagements, keynotes and private parties


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