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My Tools

Efficiency is important to me.  There is so much noise in the world and it would be so easy to give in to noise and to get distracted.  Having the right tools for the right job makes ALL the difference in the world.

Whether it is my gear playing competitive tennis, my gear for taking amazing photographs or my gear for producing stunning graphics, audio and lessons for my business I seek and use the best pro tools I can get my hands on – and it shows.  I am the product of hard work, discipline, fun, laughter, efficiency, systems and GREAT gear.

So this month of September, I will be publishing here what kind of gear I use – across the spectrum so you can learn and start building your tools too.  I’ve tried MANY options over the years, this will save you thousands of dollars and years of time.  Until I get this page/posts on gear populated, check out my Amazon profile and reviews.  Out of the 12 million+ reviewers out there, I rank somewhere around 30,000.  I buy a LOT of gear from Amazon and I review often to help others – and apparently, people like that kind of help.  I know I do when seeking out and purchasing.

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