All We Need Is L.O.V.E.


This item will be released in December, 2019.

“All We Need Is L.O.V.E.” is written by Dave Darby, master mentor with 20+ years of experience in helping people build their relationships (and life) are in this book!

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The presence and/or lack of validation (love) drive people to do what they do and be who they are. How have your experiences with love – and life been? For the most part, have you been struggling to make pieces of the puzzle in your life fit?

The book “All We Need Is L.O.V.E.” written by Dave Darby, tells the story of how we operate based on the love (validation) that is around us. This book will make you re-think your choices about the people you surround yourself with and find the courage to build a team of key Supporters who know and Support your vision in life – just as you do theirs.

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