Keynotes & Talks

My books, audios, and videos are great in helping you gain an edge in your life. But listening to me live and being able to get into a conversation— asking those questions that others have not been able to answer you regarding life, is highly transforming. Invite me for a radio talk or keynote to create an experience that you and your audience have not seen before.

  • Re-igniting the Fire in Relationships

    I will teach your audience how to bridge the gaps that have been making their relationships struggle. Couple’s get to hear first hand what steps they can make to experience less pain and more happiness—almost immediately.

  • Helping Families Build Their Legacies

    Ask any parent: “Are you the parent you thought you’d be?” and you’ll see, most parents will say no. The vision they once had for their kids and family is usually lost and feels like a far fetched dream due to the constant struggles and exhaustion of their parenting journeys. I will teach your audience how to turn that around and build a lasting family legacy.

  • Helping Individuals Gain Their Edge

    Personal growth to many is about surviving their challenges in life. My teachings are different, they surpass the average lifestyle by far and reveal powerful steps that will enable you and your audience to live with an edge in life.

  • Boosting Business Profits

    I will teach your audience the key needs around startups and existing businesses. Find out what keeps most entrepreneurs struggling, why and what sets successful businesses apart from the rest.

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