Staff Training

I was a Fortune 500 business-consultant turned professional mentor specializing in several areas, some keys ones being team dynamics, conflict resolution, and team performance. I always find creative and inspiring ways to bring out the best in people, especially when they are needed to work and produce results as a team.

  • Transform Employee Attitudes

    Your customers’ satisfaction, and in other words your company’s success, depends on your team’s performance. Most team’s however, have individuals struggling and as a result, getting into each others’ way. I will help you transform their attitudes so that they can focus on what matters the most—making customers happy and therefore increasing your company revenues.

  • Nurture Teamwork

    Unhealthy competition and sabotage issues are areas where most teams struggle. It can be tough to inspire your staff to work together when everyone is working hard and scrambling to reach the top while shoving others down. I will teach you and your team how to create wins for all, resulting in a team that nurtures one another and drastically improves performance by recognizing their strengths as a team.

  • Recognize Individual Efforts

    Most companies are so focused on team messages, and I can see why, after all, it takes the whole team to produce the results that you require. But often, individual needs are so neglected, that they create depression and lack of passion into the company goals. You will love how my training caters to individual needs—that then trickle to and make an enormous impact on team efforts.

  • Assess Individual & Team Strengths

    Catering to individual and team needs are great intentions, but how do you even start to understand the specific struggles and strengths that influence your staff? My assessments will reveal powerful insights for you, allowing you to take your performance to the next level.

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