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About Dave


Dave Darby is a husband, father of five, life coach, entrepreneur, philosopher, sociologist, and all around constant learner and lover of life. His motto? “Life’s too short for trial and error.”

Dave’s lessons come from hard experiences – both his and from those around him. Surrounded by divorces, depression and alcoholism in his youth, he was determined from the early age of 7 to change his destiny and change it he did. He also proved a knack for learning from his own mistakes and has proved that genetics and genealogy are no match for knowledge, healthy coping mechanisms and iron will. His senses of humor and adventure certainly have helped.

As his wife and biggest fan, I hope you learn as much from him and enjoy his witty style and candid wisdom as much as I do.

Julie Darby


I’ve been called a renaissance man – there isn’t much that I do that I don’t put my whole heart into and because of that, the things I do, I usually do really well. But that originates from growing up fighting to survive more than it does innate drive. I grew up in a pretty humble, ever-changing, volatile environment. Because of that, I’ve seen a lot – a lot of different experiences, a lot of pain and a lot of joy.

My early experiences showed me how to waste energy in life by working to overcome weaknesses and to fit in to my environment. Along the way however, with some great mentoring and a drive to learn from others, I learned the fallacies of my survival instincts. Not that those survival instincts haven’t come in handy from time to time – the world is tough and there is no shortage of people out there who take advantage of kindness and generosity. But to live a full and healthy life, one needs to develop and live within their strengths and we need to move from survival to significance.

No matter what I’ve done professionally, consulting with Fortune 500 companies, working with well-funded start-ups to working with bootstrapping wantrepreneurs, I’ve always ended up being a coach to those around me – helping them to cope with emotional challenges, working with them to understand their strengths/weaknesses and supporting them to build stronger support teams around them. Understanding people and challenging them to find and to be their best is what I do best.

That’s why I founded LifeMAPP, an online mentoring network for high-octane individuals, families and teams seeking to be their best, to live their ideal lives and to leave a lasting, living legacy.

I love to tell stories and to teach so I hope you enjoy what I post here. I am also an avid photographer of 30 years and the only thing I enjoy more than a great experience is a great photograph of the experience.


Dave Darby