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People try to get as close as possible to Dave to learn his secret—what gives him an edge. But he often reminds people that there is no secret. Success and change are not about information or knowledge, even though that awareness is important of course. His success and edge in life come from his consistency in APPLYING that knowledge.

And to apply that knowledge, you need people surrounding you who care about you and your vision and who want to help you. You already know the problem. Most people around you are focused on themselves. Your goals and needs come second or worse, not at all. But you don’t have to live like that after today. Dave will help you build the surrounding you need and gain your edge in no time.

Disrupting Existing Psychological Models

pushing past trends that box people down

Life is never easy but don’t believe people who say it must be hard. Life is simple psychology and sociology—it’s the coming together of a few like-minded people seeking to achieve more than they could alone. Noise and distractions, now THAT is complicated. There are no shortages of self-help books, therapists and pharmaceutical companies standing by, and taking advantage of the carnage of people who feel broken. If you’re struggling, the bottom line is, it’s profitable and it’s easy for you to get lost in the noise. They want you to fail.

It took Dave 7 years of failed relationships and well into his early 20s to start putting the pieces together. Today, Dave has risen to build a next-generation global organization that is changing the world—one person and one relationship at a time.

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Dave's Psychological Models

creating breakthroughs

Over the years, Dave has experienced many pains in his life, but not once did he waver on his aspirations of becoming a beacon for all those who are struggling. He is helping people create their very own success stories and build legacies that will last generations. How does he do this?

Dave is currently disrupting the existing psychological trends that slow people down and box them into motionless corners. He has set up systems that not only help people to understand and overcome their struggles—but to surpass the average life and instead gain an edge in their life!

He has developed NEW psychological, brain chemistry, and biological models that formulate a fresh, new understanding of people, their motivations, their needs and how we come together to make it all work…or not. Some of his models have been adapted from the most influential of psychologists like Abraham Maslow. The Adapted Hierarchy of Needs™ model is where Dave identifies 8 key sections that greatly influence our lives, the topmost of the hierarchy being Significance—giving back to others as opposed to self-actualization where success ends with self in mind.

He has also adapted theories from Carl Jung/Briggs Myers who built one of the largest and popular branches of psychology—personality types. Dave’s Personality as Needs™ model approaches personalities from an environment and needs angle, resulting in some powerful insights about one’s self.

Both of those models have been transforming lives through his teachings and eye-opening assessments. But, his most successful model by far has been as a result of his own observations and assessments of people’s top pains through the years. The Identity Gap™ model where Dave discusses the causes and impact of specific struggles that individuals go thru, and how to overcome them.

The results of Dave's lessons and needs assessments have been remarkable! His mentoring whether in individual, group setups, audios, books, business training or other, has had a 96% success rate. No matter what your situation might be, or how rough the path is to your success is, Dave will lead you every step of the way on your journey to an influential and inspiring life. The only question is, are you ready?

My Mentoring

why it works
  1. I don’t waste people’s time or money. Not knowing how long one’s mentoring will take is just a hoax to drag clients along—taking advantage of their pain. Experience results in just a tenth of the time it took you to accumulate the pains.
  2. Not only will you experience positive changes quickly, but you will also watch in awe how changes occur in multiple areas of your life, not just the struggles you came in for.
  3. Forget the complicated mambo jumbo that just adds noise in your life. The psychological models and behavioral assessments I use are deep, but I’ve broken them into easy to understand lessons and with HUGE results when implemented.
  4. I don't fool around—I take people's pains and lives very seriously. My passion to get people out of what gets them stuck in life and not only living well but SURPASSING the average lifestyle is remarkable. Book an appointment and see for yourself.

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Pay per session
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Access 5 behavioral assessments that reveal the cause of your struggles as well as your strengths and edge in life
Free relationship e-book and assessment
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12 total sessions
Access mentoring thru live chat, email, audio or video calls
Access 5 behavioral assessments that reveal the cause of your struggles as well as your strengths and edge in life
Free relationship e-book and assessment
Ideal if you’re seeking giant leaps of growth within a short time

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