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Helping You Create
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by pushing past the hurdles

From a young age, I learned how to fight to push past the battles in my life to survive and thrive in this world. I've fought the battles of poverty, broken family, toxic relationships and a lot of abuse as a child. I also grew up in an environment loaded with drugs, alcohol, and violence. Despite those challenges and taxing health issues, I made it and built a fruitful and successful life from scratch.

Even after achieving a lot of success, I've still had battles to fight—cancer being one of them. It's only last year that I fought and won, my final battle, all while still growing my global business to help countless others find their path in life and spending my time to create lasting memories with my family.

Years of Happy Marriage
Amazing Children
Years Building My Legacy

Destined to Fail?

my driven journey to success

How does a kid growing up in poverty with drug, emotional, and physical abuse at every corner rise above it all? My parents divorced when I was seven years old—it was the second marriage for both. As I bounced between them growing up, I found myself alone and lost in depression, unsure of any value I could add to this world.

I had a vision of love, of marriage, and of children, but frankly no clear path to get there. There were no male role models or mentors to help me to put life and my families experiences into perspective. And without perspective, pain, and new experiences, change is not happening. It took me twenty-five years, but I rejected my destiny.

Julie and I, now married 22 years with 5 children, have an amazing life. And my value to the world is clear.

Changing Legacies

re-writing destiny

Aside from studying psychology and sociology in college, I made it my life's passion to learn from both mine and others' mistakes ...and I made plenty in my early relationships. I would love to tell you that I learned quickly but I did not. It took me 7 years of failed relationships into my early 20s to start putting the pieces together.

In the end, I developed NEW psychological, brain chemistry, and biological models to formulate a new understanding of people, their motivations, their needs and how we come together to make it all work...or not.

How Did I Create A Business Around This?

recognizing the collateral beauty

Well, it wasn't easy. People said I was crazy and it took 14 years to turn it all into an 'overnight success.' Through it all, I learned to listen to people who already had the fruits I wanted and leave the rest behind. As I built models around what I learned and started living those models, people started paying attention. People started asking ME for help. The rest is history as they say.

Fast forward through high risks, trials, and personal health struggles and, well, we've helped thousands in countries all over the world—many who would have not found help elsewhere. Still, today, when I see our emails reaching Kenya, Japan, Nepal, Australia, and more, and all over the United States, it both surprises me and fills me with great joy. There are plenty of great people out there who are struggling in their marriages, with their children, and in careers and life in general. Helping them is one of the greatest joys and rewards for what I had to endure as a child and the mistakes I outlasted as a young adult.

Other Ways That I Transform Lives:

PIQ Living

group mentoring platform

There are only so many people I can physically reach in my personal capacity through one to one mentoring. Also, I empathize that not everyone can afford individual sessions.

The priority is reaching people and helping to transform their lives, so I’ve invested heavily in a platform where others can tap into my knowledge and Support anywhere between a week to an ENTIRE YEAR through a group coaching model. A group of like-minded individuals who seek to gain their edge in life receive mentoring in my shared platform and coached by my trained team of mentors with my supervision.

PIQ Kids

nurturing future leaders

You’ll be surprised how much potential kids have when they are nurtured in a surrounding that both challenges and validates them. PiqKids is a platform where we help kids build character and nurturing their personalities, molding them to be their best selves. I do this with the help of my team through kids day camps throughout the year, and especially focusing on summer. Currently, all camps are based locally in Colorado, USA with the intent of expanding our programs globally.

Colorado Royals

building characters

The coach in me is most passionate when I get to make a difference in a child’s life. For those who know me well, it is not surprising that my success in coaching my own kids in softball has turned into a passion and drive to help other kids just like them to succeed.

Colorado Royals just like everything else I do surpasses the expectations, performance, and experiences of an average softball team. I have an eye for noticing kids’ strengths and to sharpen their skills in a way they never thought possible. But training and winning games is not my only focus. Through softball, I train kids to succeed and gain an edge in the game of life too.

So that’s it  — no “calls to action” here. I’m not selling you anything. I just wanted to share my story. If you know of somebody who would be energized by it, please share. I am building a new community across the globe of like-minded people, so if this suits you, hang around, we’re going to share MORE!

Have a great rest of your day, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moments. If you need to learn more or need my help, just reach out to me. I’m here for you.

My best regards to you!

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