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Baby Name Charades

Baby Name Charades

Did you know there are consultants you can pay to help you pick your baby’s name? Naming our children is a great panic all parents face to one degree or another. “What impact will it have on their life? What awful nicknames could they be called?” And even if you’re not a parent who has experienced this, you were once a baby whose parents panicked over your name. How did they do? Did you ever have a nickname that exalted or plummeted your social status?

Is any kind of panic justified? Of course, it is! We are social creatures and we make and store judgments in our brains from our previous experiences.

A name for you will conjure up a memory, some passing without phasing you, but some more passionate, either good or bad.

EUNICE. There is a noble name from the Greek derivatives of “good” and “victory”. But that name hasn’t been used in American culture in a long time so most of us familiar with the name think of an older person at best. It is a name that doesn’t exude social acceptance, success or envy.

You Were Lost at First

You Were Lost at First

How much have you given up to be where you are right now? How much will you give up to get out in the world and live, REALLY live?

Ordinary isn’t for you, but what will it take for you to live an extraordinary life so that, on your deathbed, when asked what it was like to live here on Earth, you can answer, “Extraordinary!”

Explore. Challenge. Live.

Addiction Isn’t What You Think

Addiction Isn’t What You Think

This is a great TED Talk that I saw last year but had forgotten until a friend re-posted it this week.

The basic premise in this talk is exactly what I teach in my models and mentoring, that people fall into addiction in the absence of social validation. Drugs are a substitute, not a preference.

Therefore, the solution for curing addiction is to cure the social disruption that nurtures addiction.

We ALL Need It

We ALL Need It

What? You thought this was about sex? Sorry, though I’m happy to entertain you on that note. Drop a comment and I will be happy to write a blog related to your question/comment.

My family and I (wife, 5 kids, and large dog) set out on an adventure a little more than 10 weeks ago. It started as a 40-day RV trip in our brand new home on wheels that was inspired as we planned to visit family for a week, 2800 miles (4500 kilometers) from home nearly as far as you can travel in one direction in the continental United States.

And of course, being the visionary and adventurer that I am, I led my family into what would become an 8000 mile (13000 kilometers) journey through 22 states and 1 Canadian province. We learned a lot about RVing and as always, we learned a lot about ourselves, about our team.

PIQ Personality as Needs (PAN)

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What Does Your Personality Reveal?

You will find two results below. Your primary results will show either your core personality type and needs or traits that you exhibit to please others in your environment. Your shadow results will reveal masks – areas which may more accurately depict your true personality and needs.

If you mask personality traits from strong influencers around you, you may find your shadow results to be your primary personality type. You may also find that your shadow results resemble a set of personality traits that you only utilize in a stressful situation or crisis. Use these results to learn about your needs – both those that you publicly portray and the ones you personally show a stronger preference towards.

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