We ALL Need It

We ALL Need It

What? You thought this was about sex? Sorry, though I’m happy to entertain you on that note. Drop a comment and I will be happy to write a blog related to your question/comment.

My family and I (wife, 5 kids, and large dog) set out on an adventure a little more than 10 weeks ago. It started as a 40-day RV trip in our brand new home on wheels that was inspired as we planned to visit family for a week, 2800 miles (4500 kilometers) from home nearly as far as you can travel in one direction in the continental United States.

And of course, being the visionary and adventurer that I am, I led my family into what would become an 8000 mile (13000 kilometers) journey through 22 states and 1 Canadian province. We learned a lot about RVing and as always, we learned a lot about ourselves, about our team.

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